Make your digital presence geezer-friendly.


User-friendly isn’t enough.

Do you want to reach everybody? Then, in this aging world, don’t neglect geezers! If a website, document, or application requires superb eyesight, hearing, reaction speed, dexterity, memory, and digital savoir-faire, it’s not geezer-friendly. It may also exclude users with disabilities and violate government accessibility rules.

We can help, whether you need something new or improved. We comply with the latest accessibility standards. We detect and correct content and formats that could confuse, mislead, or alienate geezers (and non-geezers!). And we document our work so your geezers can make further changes without us.


Some things we won’t let you do:
Misleading navigation-bar menu
Items (“About Us”, “Our Stores”) in irrelevant menu.
Black-on-black button and ambiguous “click here”
Vague term (“away”). Misleading term (“here”). Black-on-black button.
Mislabeled document for download
Sloppy proofreading (“English” for “Spanish”).
Question with no answers
Question followed by options, none of which answers the question.
Ambiguous faceted search form
Search criteria with unspecified relationship (“and”? “or”?).
Ambiguous toggle buttons
Ambiguous toggle-button labels (video is off, or click to turn it off?)
Ambiguous endorsement button
A skill you can endorse a person for—but should you click to endorse, or have already and should click to unendorse?
Nearly illegible font
Font and color combination that makes text hard to read.
Form usable only in USA
Form whose categories fit only 1 country with 4% of the world’s population.

Your turn!

Tell us about a spectacularly geezer-unfriendly interface. Send us a link to it or a picture of it, and describe the problem. It may wind up in this spot!

Instruction whose action requirement is unclear
Vague instruction (how to “select”, in addition to signing?).
Error message too far from button to be visible, leaving user ignorant of why button does nothing.
Clicking button at bottom triggers error box at top, off the screen.

About is a team of friendly geezers making things geezer-friendly.

(When needed, we get help from proto-geezers.)

Jonathan Pool

Jonathan Pool, Ph.D., Web Accessibility Researcher, has experience in social, linguistic, and computer sciences and engineering; the design of databases and user interfaces; internationalization; web and physical accessibility; and small-business and nonprofit entrepreurship. He has recently undergone a skill upgrade at Learners Guild.

Susan Colowick

Susan Colowick, M.Libr., Content Quality Specialist, has professional experience in reference librarianship, website authentication, technical editing, journalism, proofreading, government records curation, graphic arts, and legal research, as well as training in web development.


Free offer!

Curious about how geezer-friendly a particular web page is? Shoot us an email with the page’s address (URL). We’ll look it over, run some tests, and send you our findings.


Report 1

Age Friendly Seattle: Making its Documents Age-Friendly

Report 2

Geezerproofing the Web


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